Your Most Important Next Step

Having an ultrasound can be an important next step to take if you have a positive pregnancy test. An ultrasound is a simple and painless procedure that uses sound waves through your body to create an image. That image can be used to rule out ectopic pregnancy, estimate your due date, the age of the fetus, and the viability of the pregnancy. If you’re considering abortion, an ultrasound can provide information that tells you what abortion methods are available to you.

Ultrasound Before Abortion

It’s important to have an ultrasound before undergoing an abortion procedure. An ultrasound can confirm your stage of pregnancy, which determines what abortion methods are available to you.

Visit The Center

Problem Pregnancy provides free limited ultrasounds and options counseling and offers information on different abortion methods and their risks. A counselor is available to talk to you about all of your options and answer your questions.

How To Qualify For A Free Ultrasound

If you think you’re pregnant, the next step is to know for sure. Problem Pregnancy offers free pregnancy tests to help confirm your pregnancy. Tests are completed on-site during your appointment and provide immediate results. If your test result is positive, you may also qualify to receive a free ultrasound. If you’re planning on abortion, an ultrasound can help you determine which abortion methods may be available to you.

Will I Have A Natural Miscarriage?

If you’re pregnant and considering abortion, you may not need one. Recent studies show that as many as 25% to 31% of all early pregnancies end in natural miscarriage, avoiding the need for an abortion. An ultrasound can help determine if your pregnancy is viable (healthy) or at risk for a natural miscarriage.

How Far Along Am I?

If you cannot remember when your last period was, an ultrasound can give you an estimated measurement of the pregnancy. If you’re planning on having an abortion, you will need to know how many weeks pregnant you are. This can determine what abortion methods may be available to you.

Do I Have An Ectopic Pregnancy?

An ultrasound can also help determine if your pregnancy is viable. If your pregnancy is ectopic, meaning the fertilized egg is lodged outside of the uterus in the fallopian tubes, you may need to seek emergency medical attention.

Make An Appointment

If you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy, make an appointment to visit Problem Pregnancy. We provide free help for women facing unplanned pregnancies in Central Massachusetts, including free pregnancy tests, limited obstetric ultrasounds, and options counseling. All services are free, confidential, and designed to help you with the choices you may face.